Our Vision

Tourism is considered an engine of development and a catalyst to economic prosperity of a state. Tourism not only refreshes the mind, but it also ushers happiness, relaxation, enjoyment and offers a new experience etc. to the tourists.

It results in all round growth by means of an economic multiplier effect that percolates to various stake-holders and other sectors such as airlines, railways, surface cruises, hotels etc.

The Vision of Uttarakhand tourism is to promote steady and sustained growth phase of the travel and tourism sector in Uttarakhand making the destinations more accessible, more attractive with many facilities and amenities for the tourists worldwide.

Vision Statement

To maintain its current position as the most sought-after tourism destination for an authentic, luxurious, and personalized feel and experience of Uttarakhand for travelers from all regions." Tourism is a major phenomenon in the modern society that has emerged as a successful economic activity carrying immense global importance. There is hardly any other field of activity, which has so many people involved directly or indirectly. Tourism finds a niche for itself as an effective instrument in terms of generating employment, earning revenue and foreign exchange, enhance environment, preserving culture and tradition thereby resulting in overall development. Tourism is regarded as one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries and Uttarakhand Tourism has grown by leaps and bounds over last few years and is also gearing up to achieve significant progress in the field due to a many encouraging factors. Uttarakhand has vast geographical area combined with great historical and cultural heritage, which are excellent conditions for more growth in this sector. The vision of Uttarakhand tourism is to serve as a guiding force that offers a clear vision and direction for optimizing the tourism potential of this state in a sustainable manner.


According to Government of India estimates, every one crore that is invested in Tourism creates 475 jobs compared to 126 jobs from manufacturing sector, which proves the potential of this sector.